Leading Across Distance™

A major change is affecting the way people work and it has happened almost overnight. The move is on from same-time, same- space working to virtual working and it is challenging our assumptions about the nature of work and how leaders need to lead in order to get things done. We are struggling with a profound – some say maddening – paradox: as technology expands to increase the number of options for keeping people connected, our organisational strategies and structures are driving people apart.

In an article in the business journal, European CEO, Dr Richard Harris, Senior Adviser to The Chaos Game, describes what it takes to lead in a virtual world. Read article.

Kate Cowie also writes about this issue in Sustaining Growth Magazine. Read article.

At The Chaos Game, we offer one-on-one executive coaching to distance leaders. In association with The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science, we also offer two formal development programmes: Leading Across Distance™, (a five day programme which addresses the five themes of creating strategic purpose, demonstrating courage, creating ownership, executing across boundaries, and influencing upwards and outwards) and ntlglobalab™ (a four day intensive group technology which enables leaders from different cultural, social and business contexts to develop understanding, attitudes and behaviours that support meaningful and powerful relationships across their differences).

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