Members of our international network of consultants contribute articles regularly to a wide variety of journals and magazines.

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Developing First-Level Leaders

How can you ensure that your company’s frontline managers feel committed and involved? 

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The New HR Challenge: Leadership Development for Ordinary Heroes

From the stories of ancient Greece to the novels, films, television dramas and pop songs of today, those who succeed against the odds are invariably the strong, courageous, the resilient and the bold.

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Leading Across Distance™

A major change is affecting the way people work and it has happened almost overnight. 

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Storytelling as a Key Leadership Skill

In our rapidly shifting and increasingly complex business conditions, leaders need to have a clear sense of where their organisations are now, and where they need to be in order to meet the challenges ahead. 

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Difficult Conversations

Nobody likes having difficult conversations.

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Unlocking Courage with Fear

How do we lead when we are not sure? 


Why are there not more women entrepreneurs?

Early progress towards achieving gender equality is not being sustained. 

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