Travelling the U' in our learning zone

Our Learning Zone is a network of women leaders in the Aberdeen area who meet periodically, at half-day events facilitated by Kate Cowie, to explore and resolve the things that matter to them.  Their method is Dialogue, blended with lecturettes, experiential exercises, reading assignments and storytelling. 

In March the group met to ‘travel the U’.  Theory U was developed by C Otto Scharmer,  who believes that, to be effective leaders, we must first understand the field, or inner space, from which we are operating.  His methodology enables us to shift from reactive responses and quick fixes on a symptoms level, to generative responses that address systemic root issues.  

A number of members of the group reported that they made important decisions as a result of this experience, and at The Chaos Game, we welcome Sheila Lilley who joins our organisation to provide us with the business administration support which Kate realised she very much needed when she “travelled the U”! 

If you would like to learn more about Our Learning Zone, please contact:

Our next meeting is on 20th November when we will be exploring the subject of managing conflict.


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