The Senior Leader's Challenge

Dr Rick Harris, Dr Frances Baldwin, Dr Ted Tschudy, and Kate Cowie all of whom are associates of The Chaos Game, have been invited by The Executive Director of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science to design and deliver a new leadership development programme for senior executives which will be offered in Oxford in 2010.  We are very excited about this development!

Senior leaders are stewards of the organisation’s long term goals and key organising principles. For most leaders balancing short-term performance pressures and long-term strategic consequences is an accepted reality of organisational life. Crises need to be addressed before they turn into full-blown catastrophes; opportunities need to be grasped before they turn into competitive losses; customers need to be satisfied before they defect; investors need to see immediate returns or they will move their money elsewhere; voter expectations must be addressed before the next election cycle. These are some of the commonplace facts of life in business, government, and society at large in countries across the world. It is a leadership challenge to make sense of conditions - to balance normal business processes with timely attention to concerns of multiple constituencies, while continuing to ensure the relevance of, and focus on, long term goals and organising principles.

The Senior Leader’s Challenge is a comprehensive action-learning experience which helps executives to shape a strong leadership role in the complex, often ambiguous circumstances of a global organisation context. In two intensive modules, with one-on-one faculty coaching and independent work-related projects, executives will gain fresh ideas and practical tools to help their organisations successfully navigate through these times.  

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