Finding Merlin: The story of the human development journey

As many of you know, our director, Kate Cowie has been researching and writing a book, Finding Merlin, with her colleague, Dr Ken Ideus, for six years now, and they have finally committed to a publication date of Christmas 2010!  Kate has many long nights ahead of her as she works to complete the manuscript.  Meantime, we are able to reserve a limited number of pre-publication copies at the very discounted rate of £12 for those who would like to pre-order a copy.

About Finding Merlin

The individual development journey (a journey of many stages of self-identity and self-growth) has been the subject matter of storytellers, artists, sages and philosophers through the centuries, and more recently, it has become the study of development psychologists.  But it is still not well known or understood by the general population. 

As Kate and Ken have worked with this fact in their practice as executive coaches and educators, they have become convinced that there is a need to attend to this: to provide a map of the human adventure and so help individuals ‘find their way’ along their personal development pathway, an opportunity which has implications both for themselves and for the organisations in which they work.

They also believe that a broader awareness of this subject may foster more understanding of those who are at different stages of the journey, whether they be individuals, organisations or even nations.

Their book is very much an integral work.  They seek ‘the pattern that connects’ the theories of the orthodox modern, postmodern and even post-postmodern researchers, in order to distil them into an accessible form which will enable their readers not just to understand the human development journey but also to give them the confidence to take the difficult (meaning truly developmental) path when they encounter the next fork in their development road.  And they use the Arthurian legend as a vehicle for doing so – not to indulge the current fascination with medieval fantasy (they were working on Finding Merlin long before The DeVinci Code was published!) but to create an organising framework for the book which they trust their readers will find enjoyable and meaningful.

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