Lim Luck Ser

Luck Ser has had 32 years of corporate experience in many senior management positions, primarily with BP, one of the largest global energy companies. He started in the IT/Information Systems Function and upon his return from a 3-years secondment in London, he moved into various functions: Human Resources, Government-Public Affairs & Communications, Legal, Accounting-Procurement & Office Services and Shared Services.  

With a strong passion to help leaders / managers / employees in their learning & development journey, Luck Ser became a professional Coach in 2002, and subsequently also offered Training, Consulting and Facilitation.

Luck Ser works directly with his own clients (under C-Transformation Pte Ltd) or clients of his affiliated companies. 

He is affiliated to three Global Organizations:  Center for Creative Leadership

Peter Block’s Designed Learning’s Flawless Consulting & other works   

Kate Cowie’s The Chaos Game

Luck Ser is a Singaporean, currently living in Singapore and is married with three children. He had lived & worked in England, China and Malaysia.

The key theme running across Luck Ser’s career is Leadership-Management, Change-Transformation and Learning & Development. In his last 12 years with BP, he was involved in Regional Business Strategy Creation-Execution & Communication, Business Unit Divestment, Legal and Shared Services Strategy & Implementation. He established many “firsts” for BP in Asia, including the 1st Regional Shared Services Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

Since 2002, Luck Ser worked with clients who are at ‘C’ level, middle management or high-potentials. They come from a wide range of industries, including information technology and telecommunications, banking & finance, insurance, property, automotives components, distribution, pet care- consumer products group, pharmaceutical & bio-tech companies and Government Ministries/Departments & Government-linked as well as Non-Profit Organizations.  In the energy industry Luck Ser provided Leadership Training & Team Coaching to Shell in Asia Pacific, The Hague and Oman; and was a consultant-facilitator-coach to BP in Asia Pacific.

Luck Ser uses a tailored and integrated approach to enable practical solutions which meet the needs of the individuals, teams, organizations or communities.  His key underlying values are disciplined people–disciplined thoughts–disciplined actions; simplicity-enjoyment in learning; and relationship (authenticity, integrity) -results.