Kate Cowie

Kate Cowie is an independent organisation consultant with more than 23 years of experience in organisation development, managing change, team development, leadership development, executive coaching, and human resource management.

She has worked with leaders at all levels in business, government and not-for-profit organisations helping them to develop and execute strategy, create stronger teams, grow internal talent, and develop themselves as leaders. She has also been an internal Organisation Development Manager for the oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, with whom she spent her corporate career of 15 years working in complex, multi-cultural and multi-national environments in various locations in the UK and overseas.

Kate has helped organisations conduct strategic planning exercises including large group conferences using whole system participative techniques to build alignment amongst individuals responsible for implementing organisation-wide change. She has used collaborative processes to facilitate transition amongst those directly affected by change. She has enabled many teams to explore how their members are working together in order to support the more effective achievement of tasks. She has served as an executive coach to senior leaders in a number of national and multi-national organisations, helping them to develop their leadership. And she has designed and delivered bespoke leadership development programmes for leaders at all organisational levels from entry-level supervisors to senior executives, in a wide range of business scenarios. Clients include Royal Dutch Shell, Castle Cement, SWIFT Inc, Technip, British American Tobacco, The Moray Council, The University of Aberdeen Development Trust and Centrica.

In 2003, Kate founded The Chaos Game, a practice of international organisational consultants who specialise in helping organisational leaders implement strategic change solutions in response to rapidly shifting and increasingly chaotic conditions. She is published in a number of journals including Ivey Business Journal and Strategic HR Review. She has also co-written a book (Finding Merlin: A Handbook for the Human Development Journey, Marshall Cavendish, 2011) for people in organisations who are committed to their ongoing personal development and supporting the growth of others. She is a member of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science based in Washington DC, for which she serves as co-steward of its Global Community of Practice and the editor of its practitioner journal, Practising Social Change. She is a graduate of The University of Bristol and Bristol Business School. She is married with two sons and lives in Scotland.