Fiona Mathers

Fiona has over twenty-five years of experience in personal and professional development within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

She has worked in recruitment and training, designing and delivering training programmes for new staff teams and development programmes for managers. She has provided leadership in managing change within organisations, including the planning and implementation of mergers and organisational growth. And she has been involved in strategic organisational development, securing new funding initiatives and negotiating contracts for the design and delivery of additional support services.

The primary focus of her work now is coaching: she has experience in working on a one-to-one basis with clients in a variety of different circumstances with different needs. She is passionate about working with people in order to understand the challenges they face and to help them identify a way forward.

She is a Board Member and founder member of Home Start Deveron, a local charity offering support for families with young children who may be experiencing isolation; she is member of the Leadership Team for a local BNI (Business Network International) Chapter; and she is a Business Mentor for the Scottish Chamber of Commerce.

Fiona is a graduate of Aberdeen Business School and Aberdeen College. She lives in the North East of Scotland with her husband and their four children.