Dr Richard Harris

Richard C. Harris is a consultant to companies and professional service firms who are committed to improving the quality of leadership within their organizations.

A consultant for more than 25 years, clients have recently used his services to raise company performance in the following ways:

  • Coaching executives to achieve higher individual performance 
  • High-stakes facilitation for leadership teams and project teams
  • Talent Development strategies

Dr Harris also writes and speaks on topics related to his consulting engagements. His most recent white paper is Making Coaching Strategic: How your company can get the most out of 1:1 leadership development.

Clients include Analog Devices, Duke Corporate Education, GE Capital, GSK (formerly Glaxo, Inc.), The New York Times Company, Royal Dutch Shell, TD Bank Financial Group, and United Technologies.

Dr Harris is a former senior officer of The Forum Corporation, a global work-place learning company. Positions have included Managing Director for Great Britain and Head of Global Research.

In addition to his management experience in Britain, he has also overseen Forum operations in Prague and Hong Kong. His leadership positions in the firm included membership in Forum’s Management Committee and Board of Directors.

He holds a PhD in Organisational Behavior from Cornell University and a BA from Allegheny College. Dr. Harris lives in Newbury, Massachusetts, a seacoast town north of Boston. Personal interests include antique furniture, travel with his wife, and keeping up with their three adult children.