How We Work


Entry and Contracting

No two change interventions are the same but, typically, we are called into an organisation by leaders who have either an opportunity to explore, or a problem to solve. When we have clarified the desired outcomes for an intervention, we propose a range of possibilities for proceeding.

Data Gathering

At this stage, we welcome the opportunity to interview other organisational members – to get to know them and to understand their perspective on the opportunity or the problem concerned.

Developing Options

Our task then is to create solutions, and our design intent is to ensure that the organisation’s leaders and other collaborators play an important role in developing (and ultimately delivering) the change intervention. Evaluation criteria are also determined at this stage.


Once we have presented our proposal and the decision to act has been taken, we pay particular attention to developing a communication and implementation plan.


We are committed to an adaptive process for planning and implementing change. We monitor our progress, making adjustments and corrections as necessary. At the end of a project, we are rigorous in our assessment of its success against the performance criteria agreed at the outset.